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AcouInfo Inc.’s CEO, Davoud Azizi, heads the innovative acoustic tomography device, transforming water quality monitoring. With precise river parameter measurements, it ensures legal protection and makes a significant impact on the industry.

The innovative acoustic tomography water data metering device developed by Acouinfo Inc., as detailed in the patent application, revolutionizes river parameter measurement. Combining advanced mathematical methods and acoustic tomography, the device accurately records water parameters such as flow rate, speed, temperature, and salinity throughout the entire river section. The patent application emphasizes key features, including the dual transmitters and receivers system, unlimited common shares authorization, and the device’s suitability for severe flood currents. With the incorporation of the company, Acouinfo Inc. is positioned as a legal entity to bring this groundbreaking technology to market. Led by CEO Davoud Azizi and the experienced executive team, the startup is well-poised to make a significant impact in the water quality monitoring sector, addressing critical challenges and capitalizing on the estimated market size for such devices. The patent application ensures legal protection for the innovative aspects of the device, setting the stage for Acouinfo Inc.’s success in this growing industry.