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About us

AcouInfo for sustainable future

As the world seeks sustainable water solutions, alternative freshwater sources gain importance for agriculture, homes, and industries. AcouInfo's technology uses advanced mathematical methods to record and process water data, measuring essential parameters accurately for effective water monitoring.

Our Team

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Davoud Azizi

Chief Executive Officer

As AcouInfo's CEO, Davoud Azizi shapes the company's vision, mission, and strategy, leading the implementation of strategic plans and overseeing day-to-day operations. Actively engaging with the Board of Directors, he evaluates organizational success, explores growth opportunities, and considers potential acquisitions to enhance shareholder value. Beyond the boardroom, Davoud Azizi represents AcouInfo in civic and professional associations at local, state, and national levels, contributing to the company's positive image and success. His active participation in industry events and associations further strengthens his role as a dynamic leader.

Mehrdad Naderi

Director of R&D and operation

As the Director of Research Development and Operations at AcouInfo, Mehrdad Naderi plays a crucial role in providing continuous scientific input to senior staff members across various specialization areas. By establishing a panel of exploratory activities, Mehrdad ensures a consistent flow of high-quality rejects, fostering innovation within the organization. He actively supports and nurtures the product development team, participating in product planning, task assignment, and assembling the product on the production line at Y1. Mehrdad collaborates on strategic marketing plans for each product or product line, driving innovative ideas, solutions, and products through decisive leadership and action. His multifaceted contributions contribute significantly to AcouInfo's growth and success in the industry.

Mozhgan Seif

Director of financial department

As AcouInfo's Director of Financial Department, Mozhgan Seif leads comprehensive financial planning and strategy. With a keen eye for detail, she analyzes and reports on financial performance, ensuring compliance and accuracy in audit and tax functions. She is instrumental in developing robust accounting policies, crafting budgets aligned with company goals, and training accounting staff. Her strategic mindset shines in assessing and minimizing financial risk, managing internal controls, and analyzing complex financial data. Her vital contributions uphold AcouInfo's financial health and drive sustainable growth.

Experience the next generation of water data monitoring with our state-of-the-art acoustic tomography metering device.